Sunday, June 22, 2014

7 Steps to become a successful DJ

The number one rule of becoming a better DJ is to perform in public. If you don’t want to be in front of other people, then you’re not going to be a better DJ someday. Like any other thing worth discovering, being a DJ is not something you will learn overnight. But if you are knowledgeable about what you must be doing just to get better, then your probability of being a winner will be elevated.

1. DJ in public

DJ must take place in public. It’s not a private skill. Performing it at the back of closed doors is not becoming a DJ, it is merely practicing. The DJ needs to initially play in a gig before they can become a better DJ. All beginner DJ must go all together and have at least an hour of gig with each other. This is just one part of being a DJ in public. This must be included in your regular learning.

2. Record your mixes all the time

Starting day 1 you have to record your mixes, for it will be of big help to make your rehearsals serious. It will educate you to play like an audience, because starting from there you can discern that somebody will be paying attention to it. You don’t need to record almost everything you perform for that day, but you have to do mixes of it in every end of each session, and then pay attention to it later on and the next day after.

3. Learn how to make phrase matching

When you beat auto-sync with your software, it sets the BPMs of every tune identical, and fastened the beats so that it will be in time. It makes the initial bit better, but it will be a lot better in the second. While it’s nice to know how to make beats match, phrase matching is really more significant. All DJs are making phrase matching. Create and design what it is, and then practice on it. That’s the use of headphones.

4. Distribute your mixes

With our technology today, you can have the chance and easy of uploading your mixes to more than one of these services. Then use all of these social interactions now like Twitter, and let everyone listen to you and make their comments on you. This is also the stepping stone for DJs to builds fan bases, but first it will assist you to get broader feedback and an improved sense of accomplishments. Set a target mix per week or a mix every month and focus on your plan.

5. Pay attention to other DJs seriously

When you’re out and just about to watch how other DJs are performing, start paying attention to how they perform and listen to them. Notice a lot of things for the improvement of your performance too. Pay attention to their mix matching and watch carefully their style. Notice their behaviour in front of the audience and behind them. There are so many things you can learn if you will pay much attention when you go out and observe for yourself other DJs perform, to help you create your personal style and lets you stand out among other DJs.

6. Write stuff down

Always keep a notebook with you. There are abrupt ideas that suddenly spur in you, mixes that will flash in your mind and you need to write it down for you might possibly forget about it. Fill out a notebook and read through it every time and this will serve as a reminder of your being a DJ every now and then.

7. Practice every day

As the saying goes that practice makes it perfect. It’s much better for a DJ to perform everyday to help you develop more your skills and knowledge about what you are really doing. The more usual you practice, the more chance of becoming the best DJ ever.